Geography was Jan's favorite subject in school. Since the beginning of 90's he was in contact with the top geospatial technology in Gisat. In 2001, he received his Ing. diploma in Geodesy and Cartography from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. His master thesis, led by Ales Cepek, described his own web-based system for geographic information, and was defended with Vaclav Slaboch, from VUGTK, as the opponent. Granted a scholarship from the Danish Ministry of Education and Nykredit, Jan received his second M.Sc. in Knowledge and Data Engineering from Computer Science department at Aalborg University, Denmark. There he worked under Christian S. Jensen on queries for moving objects in road networks. Jan then had an opportunity to do his Ph.D. at the newly established Centre for 3DGI at Aalborg University. Supervised by Erik Kjems, Jan's Ph.D. was co-financed by Informi GIS, and in 2003 he spent seven months as an independent researcher with the 3d Development Team at ESRI in Redlands, USA. He developed a method called Global Indexing Grid, suitable for a multi-resolution modeling of global geographic features including the topographic surface, and the gravitational field of the Earth. He defended the work in 2006 with Michael F. Goodchild, from University of California in Santa Barbara, Christian C. Tscherning, from University of Copenhagen, and Simonas Šaltenis, from Aalborg University, as opponents. Jan then started an academic carrier at Aalborg University and helped developing courses for a new M.Sc. program in Geoinformatics at Aalborg University Copenhagen. After his Ph.D. Jan also started Grifinor.NET - an effort regarding a distributed solution for geospatial information using an object database. Since 2011 Jan is an independent consultant for geospatial software solutions. He promotes the concept of "computable geospatial model".

Jan lives with his wife in Denmark and have two small kids. Besides the geospatial stuff, Jan likes tennis, skiing, running and having discussions with interesting people. Jan played basketball on a semi-professional basis in the National Basketball League in the Czech Republic for three seasons. Also , in 1999 he won the second national league in the Czech Republic with Sokol Vysehrad. He also played for Aalborg Basketball Klub in Denmark. With them he won the third league, the second national league, and played two seasons in the Danish Basketligaen.

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